Our Service

Kidney Centre

Our dialysis team consists of seasoned consultants nephrologists and experienced support staff with deep knowledge in nephrology.Our centres offer a variety of programmes including maintenance haemodialysis and holiday dialysis programmes.

Laboratory Services

Deliver actionable results to patients and clinicians to ensuring timeous patient care.Deliver expert clinical services through cutting edge laboratory technology and promoting lasting relationship with patients.




We put our heart into protecting yours. Surely, you will be attended to by a team of medical personnel and seasoned Cardiologists with vast experience and wealth of knowledge in using cutting edge technology to make critical assessments and diagnosis of the heart condition.



When you need health care, it’s important to know that you’ll receive the highest quality of care delivered by compassionate professionals.That’s exactly what you’ll come to expect from the physicians, advanced practitioners and staff of Prime Consultants Hospital/ Clinic..


We are committed to providing our coverage area with the highest quality diagnostic, treatment, and surgical services to manage numerous neurological conditions such as stroke, epilepsy, dementia, spinal cord injuries, and Parkinson’s disease. If you are seeking a neurologist, we have among the best in the field.